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Creed perfume is the product of the world’s only privately held dynasty of luxury fragrance. The dynasty itself came into being in the eighteenth century, and since then it has been passed down ten royal houses despite having been in the public domain for two hundred and fifty years and still counting. Amazingly, this is one of the world’s oldest family businesses. Based in Paris, this empire is nowadays run by Olivier Creed who is the sixth generation company chief and master perfumer.

Classes Of Fragrances

Just like other designer fragrances, Creed perfume for men has been specifically developed for men who understand what it means to smell good or wear a label associated with the who’s who in the use of its  products. From Acier Aluminum, Epicea, Aventus among other fragrances, the men perfume has been specifically developed to bring out the personality besides leaving a lasting legacy for the wearer. There is the Creed perfume for women, and this has had big names such as Avril Lavigne wear the fragrances. From fantasia De Fleurs to Irisia, these fragrances are exceptionally made for the woman who knows what sense of style and making of strong fashion statement means. There are also the universal fragrances, and these include Virgin Island water, Windsor, Royal water, Green Delight among others.

How To Search For Creed Fragrance

Whenever you opt to buy Creed perfume, you do not have to go through the trouble of having to go inquiring from people what scent they think is the best, and this is due to the fact that there are some mechanisms which have been put in place to ensure effective selection. If you for instance need to purchase citrus Creed fragrances then all you will be looking for are fragrances which are characterized by an ethereal freshness. It is worth noting that Italy is the country of origin for producing some of the best citrus fruits that are used in making of the fragrances. Examples of Creed perfume with citrus fragrances are Imperial Millesime, Meroli Sauvage and Orange Spice.

New Products From Creed

Going by the maxim that invention is the mother of creation, and then it would be an understatement to state  that Creed perfume follows it to the letter. This is simply due to the reason that the newly created Aventus for men has already attracted massive positive responses from women who understand the value of superb ingredients that have been used. The fragrance is set based on a legendary emperor who waged peace, war and romance on some terms which he set, while riding on horseback. Orders for this new Creed perfume can be placed before July fourteenth and interestingly enough, part of proceeds from its sale will go into the protection of the environment.

Clothes To Match

If you thought that by just wearing designer perfume then you have made it to the list of those who understand fashion, then think again because there are Creed boutiques dealing in the sale of their clothes. It would be the best of scenarios when you show up for an event dressed in the latest Creed designer wear and adorning Creed perfume as well.


Other than just restricting yourself to Creed perfume, the playing ground is extremely  diverse, hat with the wide range of deodorants to match the fragrance of your choice. For instance, there is the Green Irish Tweed Stick Deodorant, Love in white stick deodorant. There seems to be a deodorant version of the Virgin water perfume, since you could also try out the stick deodorant by the same name.

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