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Euphoria Perfume Review

The euphoria perfume is a fun, enticing scented fragrance meant for women and men. Perfume has become part of everyone. They are made of wood, essential oils, fruits, herbs and vegetables or a mixture of these to give it a wild intense aroma. They are available in different flavors and scents. This means you can choose them to suit the mood, according to climatic change and occasion. Men can choose the strong scented type while women can go for the tender image.

For Women

The Calvin Klein euphoria perfume for women was launched in 2005. It has won the year’s Fifi Award for the best luxe fragrance. It was created by Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. It is available in pomegranate, pomegranate, lush green accord, lotus blossom, champaca flower, black orchid, liquid amber, black violet, cream accord and mahogany wood. These products are original and smell sweet, edible and modern. It dries quickly leaving the body with a fresh scent that lasts longer. It has the blend of floral scent and a warm vanilla cream laced with patchouli, amber and musk. They have extraordinary lasting power that is not easy to remove from the skin.

The Euphoria blossom was launched this year and is suited for the Asian origin that prefers lighter fragrances. It  has sweet fruits scent which is toned down with sparkling citrus. This makes it smell simply like simple floral than a sexy fragrance. It has a creamy base richness, woody musk and amber. It is meant for the woman who loves lighter version for summer. The euphoria perfume helps create a sexy, passionate, provocative, and self confidence in a woman. These make a quality soft, feminine and exotic effect. They add touch to your personality and confidence.

Where To Buy

The euphoria perfume for women is found almost anywhere in a 30ml bottle though the blossom type which is found in 50ml bottle is yet to be distributed widely. You can buy them at discounted prices online to help pamper yourself. They are available in different scent and categories to help you choose the one that suits your personality and mood.

Fragrances For Men

Euphoria for men is available in masculine, provocative tones that helps you reach beyond your limits. It gives you a masculine provocative fragrance that helps define sexiness. You should choose the right perfume that matches and enhances your personality. This helps in completing your dressing and keep up to the trend. Your perfume choice creates a lasting impression to others. They are available in mainly two scent categories which are gentle and hard. The choice depends on your mood and the personality you would like to  create. They help create a romantic atmosphere for your loved one. This makes it possible to feel their presence in a closure range with confidence.

These perfumes give a long lasting aroma of sweet and savoury flavour after spraying. This turns into fragrance of flowers. They are suitable for any occasion. They contain mixtures of champaca, orchids and lotus flowers black. They provide a valuable vibration of scent that keeps you in the mood and personality you need. The euphoria perfume gift set is available and can be given to a loved one as a gift. The combination of the euphoria perfume sample in this set includes perfume spray, sensual skin lotion, and sensual bath and shower cream. The whole package comes with a discount which saves the money you would spend on each purchase of these products. They have free delivery services for the online purchase you make from Calvin Klein. Choose your favourite fragrances from the available brands.


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