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History In The Making

Named after its founder, Hugo Ferdinand Boss, the designer power house, Hugo

Boss has carefully engineered its services in the producing of men’s and women’s accessories ranging from high quality clothes to magnificent perfumes. The company initially started as a supplier of uniforms to German soldiers in 1924, with its locations based in Metzingen, south of Stuttgart. The production of these uniforms was a clear indication of their involvement in World War II. Since then it has continued its operations.

Today, it is known in over 100 countries, owning 330 retail stores and over 1000 stores in franchises. There are two lines of production: Boss and Hugo. Hugo specializes in shoes, fragrances and watches. There are also children accessories being offered.

Hugo Boss Perfume For Men

There are various fragrances that are designed to cater for the different types of men. Those who travel  frequently and those who like to stay indoors have a wide range to choose from. There are different quantities of 40ml, 60ml and 90ml which cater for your lifestyle alterations. Some of the widely known fragrances include Element, Dark Blue, Soul and Boss In Motion. Some of these fragrances are hugely linked with some of society’s moral issues and standards including equality and office intelligence. Similarly, some are tailored to improve the social lives of men once they start using them. In relation to this, there are complementary products that are used in tandem with the perfumes. Some of them include: shower gels, aftershaves and deodorant sticks.

Independent And Stylish Fragrances For The Women

The Hugo Boss perfume for women offers a wide range of fragrances that are designed for both the ever busy woman of today’s generation. Most of these perfumes have been associated with providing that additional support that assists women in becoming self-conscious and autonomous. Some of these fragrances include: Pure Purple, Deep Red, HUGO Woman and Hugo XX which has a simple and clear presentation that symbolize the shape of a spray can. Just like the men products, there are accessories that complement the women fragrances and these include Body lotions, Eau de Toilette and deodorant spray.

Irresistible Features

There are generally known characteristics that are associated with the long line of Hugo boss perfumes irrespective of the fragrance. These key features include similarly designed bottles; most of the packaging bottles are in form of spray cans, equal quantities of perfume ranging from 60ml to 90ml, the fragrances are long lasting and are instantly recognizable even during the night time. Hugo XY, launched in 2007, had a light and clean scent which was designed to depict the relationship of the opposite sexes in terms of intimacy. This product hugely increased in popularity and is internationally in demand.

Issue Of Price Versus Quality

Just like any product, there are some considerations that one has to think of before committing to buying these  products and accessories. The cost/ price is always one of the key considerations. People do not want to squander their money on things that would not satisfy them. It is always important to test the samples before buying them. Furthermore, one should select the perfume that s/he is comfortable with. Then, last but not least compare prices. This can be done by visiting the shops or checking online sites that provide Hugo boss perfume reviews. Since most people are busy and do not have ample time to go window shopping; checking out those sites will do the tricks. This is generally beneficial because in the long run they are able to save time and money. There also online stores that offer Hugo boss perfume for sale as well as free shipment services.

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